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Thursday, 18 September 2008

A quiet week...

Hey guys. So, I've just started a new year of Open University, and this course is on creative writing. I have introduced to an amazing concept called free-writing, where you just write about whatever comes into your head for twenty odd minutes - some really strange stuff comes out...I found myself almost crying yesterday! I have mostly been at home this week, due to a dodgy chicken fried rice on Monday, within half an hour my tummy started hurting and two hours later I am doubled up on the sofa in true gut-wrenching agony! I have not been able to keep any food down since then, but may have turned a corner today as have managed three slices of toast (one for each meal). Even so, I feel pretty weak and very tired.
Not to dwell on bad stuff though, it's my baby's birthday tomorrow, he'll be eight! Which means it's exactly eight years ago that my bigger baby had chicken pox... I have made cards for him today, they can be found on here: . I think he'll like them, but it was strange how hard it is to make a card for a boy his age! He's into really obscure things, but Pokemon is something he loves, and he plays computer games a lot. His brother is going away for a week with school next week, it's going to be very strange without him. They fight like, well, like two things that fight a lot - japanese fighting fish maybe? But when they're separated, they miss each other terribly, and the youngest one will be very miserable. We'll try and make sure he has a good week though.
I have a few more bits I want to get done this evening, I have to try and make a little something for a halloween challenge on the forum, and still tacking the bears!

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