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Thursday, 15 October 2009

OMG...Over a year!!!

...Since I last wrote anything on my blog!!!
That is sooooo bad!
Well, since I last saw y'all, I have been off anf back on the prozac, remet my beautiful 16 year old son who I have missed like a right hand these past years and started REALLY getting serious on jewellery making...
I have written two pieces for Making Jewellery magazine and submitted a book proposal to the Guild of Master Craftsmen.
I have not been to a single gig this year - SHAME ON ME! - but have seen hubby almost cash in a World Series of Poker Tournament.
I have also continued working in the school, received one new scar and many, many bruises...
Apart from that, I am wordless...catch me at the weekend when I have a moment to breathe!!!
Hugs to anyone who needs