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Saturday, 6 September 2008

My First Jewelery!

Helloooooo! I'm very proud of myself today, as I have completed my first ever jewellery set! Using the free kit from Let's Get Crafting 7, plus a few added extras from my own stash, I have created this really sweet little bracelet and earrings! I had a lot of fun doing this, which is good as work has been horrible this week, and I'm just so glad to have achieved something new!

I have also managed to get lots of pointless running around done today - trip to post office, more crafting (not pointless) and now I'm off to have a quick tidy up and then the rest of my newest bear creations to cut out ready for tacking! I'm loving the colours of the mohair, they'll be very pretty little bruins! But, for now, I am saying cheerio, as my children are requesting lunch. Although 'requesting' might suggest that they are being far more polite than they actually are. In fact, 'demanding with menaces' may be more appropriate!

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Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Hi there - your jewellery set is just gorgeous and so pretty so well done to you hun - I wish you lots of luck - i'd like to enter but haven't come up with any ideas at all ! Will have to have a good think - have a great day - hugs Michelle (Wiggley) xx